XDI2 About

XDI2 ("XDI Two") is a general-purpose, lightweight and modular Java implementation of XDI.

What is the difference between XDI and XDI2?

XDI is the name of a technology for distributed semantic data graphs, developed by the XDI Technical Committee at OASIS.

XDI2 is the name of the leading implementation (codebase) of XDI, including a server and various library components.

What can XDI2 do?

XDI2 is designed to support a wide range of use cases with XDI technology.

For example, it can be used for the following purposes:

  • Running a personal, self-hosted XDI server with a single XDI graph.
  • Running a cloud service provider (CSP), with XDI graphs for multiple users.
  • Running special-purpose XDI servers, e.g. for registration and discovery scenarios.
  • Writing applications that use embedded XDI graphs for data storage.
  • Writing XDI client applications (web-based, browser-based, mobile) that communicate with XDI servers.
  • Mapping non-XDI data to the XDI graph model via "connectors" e.g. to Facebook, etc.

Who uses XDI2?

XDI2 is the XDI server running at the heart of the following companies and services:

Who is behind XDI2?

XDI2 is being maintained by Danube Tech, based in Vienna, Austria.

The primary developer is Markus Sabadello, with several other individuals and companies having contributed to the project.