XDI2 Videos

Video: XDI in Tel Aviv 2014
An XDI talk in Tel Aviv during the Respect Network World Tour, in the middle of the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict. The nature of the technology we build and use directly influences the distribution of power in a society.

Video: Hebrew and XDI
A screencast to explain how Hebrew can be supported in XDI, including the registration and discovery of Hebrew cloud names.

Video: XDI Personal Cloud Demo
(Outdated) This is a demo of a Personal Cloud Desktop web interface that uses XDI messaging to store and access personal data in an XDI server. The demo also involves "connectors", which make it possible to access data in Facebook, Personal.com and Allfiled through XDI.

Video: OStatus with a Personal Data Store
(Outdated) This video demonstrates how an XDI server can interact with other OStatus-enabled social networking implementations such as status.net and Cliqset.

Video: OAuth 2.0 with a Personal Data Store
(Outdated) This video demonstrates how a relying party website can make an OAuth 2.0 authenticated request to an XDI server.